New Casino Slot Cabinets by Amusnet Boast Higher Quality Gameplay for Players

Amusnet Type S Slot Cabinets launched at ICE London 2024 will offer better slot quality to players and will be available in casinos from this summer 2024.

New Casino Slot Cabinets Boast Higher Quality Gameplay for Players.


– Amusnet introduces Type S slot cabinets at ICE London 2024.

– New slogan “We Master Gaming” launched alongside the product.

– Type S cabinets will be available in three variations with advanced features.

– Land-based casinos can get their hands on these slots from summer 2024.

Launching the New Slots in Land-Based Casinos

Slot fans from all over the world can now enjoy Amusnet’s games at their favourite land-based casinos. This is a groundbreaking step for the well-known game provider Amusnet. The launch is accompanied by the new slogan “We Master Gaming”,” which underlines Amusnet’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the gaming industry.


Cutting-Edge Type S Slot Cabinets

Amusnet’s Type S slot cabinets represent a significant step ahead in gaming technology. Developed entirely in-house by a team of 100+ professionals, they meet the highest standards of the global land-based casino sector, ensuring first-class quality and an exceptional gaming experience.


The Type S series includes three variations: Type S 27 and Type S 32, that feature full HD displays, and Type S 50F, which boasts an impressive 4K 50″ display. All models are equipped with dynamic LED lighting and a high-quality surround sound system that make the gaming experience even more fun for players.

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Award-Winning Games and Special Features

The Type S slot cabinets come loaded with Amusnet’s award-winning games, including popular titles such as 20 Golden Coins, Extra Crown, Fruits & Gold, and Cocktail Rush. Players can also enjoy the excitement of Amusnet’s four-level bonus game, Jackpot Cards, along with other special features like Free Spins, Buy Bonus, Pick Me Bonus, and Symbol Upgrade. Eventually, all the 260+ games offered by Amusnet will also be available on these slot cabinets. 


Global Expansion Plans

Sales of the Type S slot cabinets are set to begin in the summer of 2024, starting with Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, and Serbia. Amusnet will then expand into Latin America and Asia, bringing its innovative gaming solutions closer to Indian casino players.


Borislav Marinov, Head of Land-Based Business Development at Amusnet, expressed his enthusiasm for the new product line: “Amusnet has built a strong reputation as a leading igaming provider. Expanding into land-based products allows us to use our extensive experience and provide a full-scale casino solution for players.” He went on to say that Amusnet is working on many other exciting projects to bring even more options to both casino players. 


Amusnet’s innovative slot cabinet design reflects years of dedication to research, development, and precise craftsmanship, promising an extraordinary gaming experience for casino players. The debut of the Type S series has already received positive feedback from partners and clients in Europe and Latin America. Marinov noted the fantastic interest and anticipation for Amusnet’s new chapter in global gaming.

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