Casino Loyalty Programs in India

From cashback to free spins and more, loyalty bonuses are a cut above the rest and reserved for those with a proven track record at online casinos. You’ll find loads of daily cashbacks and one-off free spin bonuses in the lower tiers. As you progress, though, you’re often treated to exclusive tournaments with unique rewards. Some casino loyalty programs in India even offer prizes covering travel, accommodation, and resort fees, amongst others.


Apart from this, experienced players and high rollers are invited to join VIP programs to get special VIP Bonuses. These come with perks like increased deposit and withdrawal limits, a boost in processing times, and a personal account manager who’s on standby to answer your every query.


The Indian loyalty programs we hand-picked for you will not only get you a couple of extra bonuses along the way. We’ve made sure to find the ones that can turn your gambling experience upside down… in a good way, of course.

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Where to Find the Best Loyalty Programs... Bahut badiya!

Practically all online casinos offer some form of loyalty rewards program. That’s not to say that all of them are worth pursuing. In most cases, they offer negligible prizes with a handful of bonus deals that can be acquired elsewhere. 

For our top picks, we’ve put together a list of game-changing casino loyalty programs in India that can take your experience to new heights. Every club in this selection rewards you with intuitive perks and exclusive loyalty bonuses, so you’ll be getting a good deal no matter what. With rewards like these, you’ll understand why it’s so beneficial to put your energy into one online casino.

But enough chit-chat. Let’s head straight to the best loyalty programs out there:


Unibet’s loyalty program focus on its poker section – Earn up to 50% rakeback with a potential boost up to 65% on cash or tournament poker. For every 1 cent wagered, you earn 1 loyalty point, which goes towards moving you up the loyalty ladder. There are 3 tiers to reach, offering cashback bonuses, free spins, casino bonuses and wager-free cash. These countless rewards and a consistent set of exclusive bonuses have earned Unibet a spot on our list.


As a new player, you’re automatically admitted into the NetBet Players Club. You earn NetPoints for your real money wagers, making your way from Bronze, all the way up to the Elite level. The higher your rank, the more NetPoints you earn for your wagers and the longer these benefits will last. You also earn monthly NetPoints, with the highest, Elite level bringing in 2,592,420 every month. The points can be spent on lots of prizes that are constantly updated at the Club Shop.


One of the most straightforward loyalty programs around, the PlayOJO Club automatically enrolls all players. You earn points through real money wagers to level up across the casino’s tiers. With each new level you reach, you earn free spins, free bingo tickets, cash prizes as well as OJO Wheel Spins and Prize Twister Spins. The former has a selection of free spin prizes on offer, while the latter gives away free spins, free bingo tickets, scratch cards, cash prizes and 3 twister prizes. 

32 Red

The aptly named Red Ruby Rewards are 32 Red Casino’s loyalty program. Red Rubies are given away in exchange for real money wagers, with each casino game type earning a different number of rubies. Every 1,000 Red Rubies can be exchanged for 10 casino chips. This may not seem like much at first glance, but high rollers and experienced gamers will be racking up red rubies in no time.

Dream Vegas

At Dream Vegas you get loyalty points every single time you play. For every ₹1000 wager you get 200 points – Take note though; different games carry a different amount of points. And if that wasn’t enough, Dream Vegas also  and you also get 50,000 loyalty points with your first deposit. 


Start Playing Like a Pro

Pros & Cons of Loyalty Programs

As Master of Casinos, we can see plenty of perks that you can enjoy from casino loyalty programs in India. But that’s not to say that these clubs don’t come with any downsides and we want to be as transparent as can be about these disadvantages. Here’s what we think you should look out for:



How Do Loyalty Programs Work?

Online casinos might employ different loyalty program structures, but they all share the same similarities. Upon registration, you’re automatically enrolled into loyalty programs and start earning points based on the real money wagers you place. Points will unlock loyalty program tiers along the way, activating exclusive perks and bonuses accordingly. You can claim your loyalty bonus by following these steps:

Register at your favourite online casino.

Head to the loyalty program page and follow the instructions.

Play games and place real money bets to earn loyalty points.

Check if deposits also earn you loyalty points.

Reach a new loyalty tier to unlock new bonuses.

Loyalty Programs... What Has Our Experience Taught us?

Despite their general appeal, not all loyalty bonuses are worth pursuing and we encourage you to take a moment and consider a program before committing time and money to it. 


At Master of Casinos, we’ve gone through our fair share of programs, separating the worthy sites from the problematic ones, and identifying the best options. We hold loyalty programs accountable based on several points, and here’s what we think you should always check:



Exclusive Bonus Deals

Some online casinos might take regular bonus deals and pass them off as loyalty program rewards. This simply won’t do. Casino rewards must offer something that cannot be found elsewhere, an exclusive deal that you must earn through the program. It makes unlocking new tiers all the more meaningful, giving you an even stronger reason to keep playing at the same site.


Increased Withdrawal & Deposit Caps

Loyalty rewards shouldn’t all be about bonus deals. As a loyal player, the casino needs to do its part to improve your experience along the way. If you’re a high roller, you know how frustrating it is to have limited deposit and withdrawal caps. But loyalty programs can remedy this by increasing these caps for players in India who have proven their loyalty with an adequate track record.


Personal Account Management

Nothing elevates an online casino experience like your very own personal account manager. Valued players should always be offered the service of having a 24/7 personal account manager to tend to their every need. It means that all your issues are dealt with personally and swiftly, showing you the appreciation you deserve as a valued customer.


Real Life Rewards

Online casino deals are all well and good, but after having played consistently at the same site, it’s only fair to have your commitment rewarded with tangible prizes. VIP tier players should have access to luxurious rewards outside of the online casino’s confines. Travel, accommodation, and exclusive events are the sort of rewards that elevate good loyalty programs to excellent status.


Faster Withdrawals

As you might have already noticed, some payment methods tend to have very slow processing times. As a high-ranking player, the casino must do its utmost to reduce these time frames, putting in the effort to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible.


Low Wagering Requirements

It’s not all about high bonuses alone. Loyalty program bonuses must offer superior terms to your run-of-the-mill promotional offer. This is particularly true of wagering requirements. While online casinos might push high wagering requirements on welcome deals and standard reload bonuses, loyalty program bonuses should distinctly favour the player. The bonus should keep low wagering requirements, giving you a better chance of keeping the winnings you earned.


Clear T&Cs

Last but certainly not least are the loyalty program’s terms and conditions. All of the program’s rules and regulations must be spelt out in a clear and detailed format, allowing players to understand exactly what they can get and how to get it. Some online casinos infamously promise great program rewards, only for you to eventually be presented with an absolute dog of a service. The best loyalty programs need to let you know exactly what you stand to gain.

For complete reviews about the best online casinos out there, check out our casino reviews page.

How Do Loyalty Programs Work in Indian Casinos?

We’ve gone on long enough, detailing the various elements that make up a great loyalty program. The main question you want answered is, are loyalty programs worth your while? And you know what…

Absolutely! A great loyalty program pushes your online casino experience into gear, giving you more reasons to return to the same site, rather than scampering around the net looking for ways to keep yourself entertained. High rollers and experienced players stand to benefit the most, especially from VIP programs offering luxurious prizes.

We advocate loyalty programs that use their tiers to enhance your overall experience, making every level feel like a new milestone. Make sure the ones you commit to offer exclusive bonuses as well as experience perks, increase cap limitations and speed up withdrawal processes.

Our casino guide gives you all the tools you need to pick the right loyalty program in India and you can even check out our top list for our favourite picks. This is where our experts come in, as they’ve gained enough industry experience as both players and insiders to bring the best offers to light. With a page dedicated especially to you, you no longer have to wonder if the VIP program you want to take advantage of is the best on the market- you’ll know it is.

Loyalty Programs Questions & Answers (FAQs)

Casino loyalty rewards – including free spins, cashback deals, and withdrawal caps increases are given to players who show their loyalty to an online casino by making consistent real-money wagers.

Most loyalty programs automatically enrol new players, while others can be easily signed up for, from your account. The more real money wagers you place, the more loyalty points you earn, taking you up the program’s ladder and unlocking new rewards.

Players are automatically enrolled in casino loyalty programs or in some cases, you might need to visit the loyalty program page yourself to opt-in. All players are eligible for loyalty programs whereas VIP programs are offered by invitation only.

The benefits of loyalty programs include exclusive bonuses, increased withdrawal speed, increased withdrawal and deposit caps, personal account management, exclusive events and more.

Choosing an online casino with the best loyalty program depends entirely on your needs. However, some things to look out for in the online casino loyalty program you choose include exclusive bonuses, increased withdrawal and deposit caps, and personal account management.

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