Master of Casinos Editorial Guidelines

What Are Editorial Guidelines? 

Editorial guidelines lay out the standards followed when writing all content for Master of Casinos, be it news, reviews or guides. These ensure our readers get the very best experience when checking it out!

The Master of Casinos Editorial Code

  1. No Bias – our team has no relationship with any casino or betting site, ensuring our reviews are as objective as possible. In the rare case of any conflict of interest then this must be immediately reported to the Editor-in-Chief.  
  2. Accuracy – Simply put, the facts in our reviews, game guides and information articles must be as accurate. This requires in-depth research from our team. 
  3. Easy to Understand – Our content is freely available to as many readers as possible, from all over the world, and written in such a way that it can be understood by all.

We also seek to review errors whenever found, and correct them when necessary. If you notice any mistakes in our work then do not hesitate to contact us.