Indian Casino Players Can Soon Enjoy City of Dreams Casino Project

Melco Resorts & Entertainment revealed that its major casino project in Sri Lanka would predominantly target the Indian market. This is set to be a huge opportunity for Indian casino players and Melco expects to generate up to $250 million in gaming income annually.

Dream City Casino Project


– Projected Income: $250 million annually

– Thousands of jobs and a significant economic boost will be created

– This project will feature luxury hotel rooms, gourmet dining, high-end shopping, and world-class entertainment

– Sustainability will be at the core with eco-friendly initiatives and energy-efficient designs

Melco’s Ambitious Casino Project in Sri Lanka Aims to Capture the Indian Market

Melco’s general manager, Lawrence Ho, expressed enthusiasm about the idea. “Our investment in City of Dreams Sri Lanka reflects our commitment to providing incredible entertainment experiences and reaching out to the Indian market,” he said. The idea was to entice guests by combining luxury and Sri Lanka’s rich culture.

City of Dreams Sri Lanka was planned to be a mix of luxury and innovation, featuring lavish hotel rooms, gourmet dining, high-end shopping, and world-class entertainment. Melco aims to provide something unique by combining Sri Lankan tradition and modern luxury.

Perfect Spot and Economic Boost

Sri Lanka’s location in the Indian Ocean and its easy access from major cities make it a great destination for visitors. Its natural beauty and rich history add to the appeal, making City of Dreams Sri Lanka a convenient and attractive getaway.

With the promise of generating thousands of jobs in the construction, hospitality, retail, and transportation sectors, Melco’s investment will significantly boost Sri Lanka’s economy.

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Excellence and Sustainability

City of Dreams Sri Lanka will set new standards in the gaming and entertainment industry, combining luxury, culture, and the latest technology.

Another important aspect of this project is sustainability since it will incorporate eco-friendly measures like waste reduction initiatives and energy-efficient building designs, to improve the local community and environment.

Looking Ahead

Melco’s venture in Sri Lanka was more than just a business deal—it was a strategic move targeting the Indian market by fusing luxury and innovation. With a 20-year licence and a focus on sustainability, City of Dreams Sri Lanka is set to bring significant economic benefits, boost tourism, and mark a new chapter of prosperity for Sri Lanka.

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