Teen Patti (तीन पत्ती) Guide 2024

Teen Patti— the game Indians have played for centuries with friends and family, at gatherings and at celebrations has truly stood the test of time. From its roots on the streets to its online presence today, Teen Patti now has many versions but has stayed true to itself at heart. Now, you can find it at almost every online casino, bringing the thrill straight to your screen. Let’s take a closer look at how Teen Patti has captured our hearts and become a timeless favourite.

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Play the Best Online Teen Patti Game

With so many 3 Patti versions online, it can be hard to find the best casino games. A lot of them are perfect for beginners, but more experienced players may not find them challenging enough. To save you time and trouble, we’ve come up with a top 10 Teen Patti game list that’s ideal for advanced players. Both live dealer and table games are included!

See 3 Patti from a different perspective with Bet on Teen Patti by Ezugi. Instead of playing against the house, you’ll be asked to guess whether Player A or Player B will have the strongest hand. This title is suitable for both beginners and experienced players, as it’s straightforward yet refreshing compared to the other games on the market.

Plus, the game includes some exciting side bets, making it even more appealing.

Experienced players will adore Teen Patti Live by Evolution because it follows the same rules as the traditional game, but has added bets for extra fun. You can either bet on a Pair Plus or 6 Card Bonus. To win the first side bet, you need to make a pair or better with your cards. Challenge yourself with the 6-Card Bonus further by attempting to make a hand better than Three-of-a-Kind using yours and the dealer’s cards! Both side bets pay up to 1000:1.

To qualify for each game, you will need to get a Queen or higher. As this is a live casino version, you’ll be playing against the house.

You can enjoy this title on both your desktop and mobile device, thanks to Vivo Gaming’s innovative design. The game itself follows the standard rules of 3 Patti, but it’s the features that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, if you’re looking for that social aspect, then you’ll love the interactive chat option.

The user-friendly interface, multiple betting options, and flexible wager limits make the game even more attractive

If you’re an advanced player looking for something more than the classic online casino 3 Patti game, you’ll instantly fall in love with this one. That’s because One Day Teen Patti Classic lets you trade your liability and position with another player. It’s such a straightforward feature, yet it adds too much excitement and anticipation to any round.

So instead of your usual strategy, you could even end up trading until you get the winning hand. For extra winnings, try out one of the game’s brilliant side bets.

In this 3 Patti version, you bet on whether Player A or Player B will have the stronger card. You can also bet that it will be a tie between them. What makes Teen Patti 20/20 even more interesting is that you can place side bets like Pair Plus and 3+3 Bonus. 

You win in the first option if either player has a pair or something better. And if the three cards of both players add up to 3 or more, then you win the 3+3 Bonus.

Instead of betting on two different players, Teen Patti Pro lets you bet on the outcome between the Player and the Dealer. You can also place side bets and try to guess what kind of hand either the player or the dealer will form.

It’s a fast-paced table game, with each round lasting only a few seconds. That’s perfect to practise making fast decisions.

This video 3 Patti version is fast-paced and dynamic, making it ideal for those who already have experience with the game. The rules are standard, but unlike other video versions, this one also allows you to play blind. That’s just the extra thrill you need!

One of the most common complaints about online casino games is that they can’t replicate the feel of playing in a land-based casino. Well, Teen Patti by Playtech manages to do so perfectly thanks to the authentic studio atmosphere, Hindi-speaking dealers, and the ability to play blind.

On top of that, the game features an interesting side bet known as the Mega Bonus. This option lets you make a five-card hand and go for the highest rankings in five-card poker (Royal Flush).

This wonderful combination of slot and poker will have you spinning for hours. It features one payline, and you win by forming 3 Patti hands. If you get more wins in a row, you start climbing the Bonus Trail, and you can get up to 60x your bet.

While TopSpin also has another version of this slot, the Diwali Special one incorporates the authentic atmosphere of Diwali with a colourful background and beautiful fireworks.

Teen Patti by TV Bet lets you place bets on two virtual players in order to determine who will win. The main thing that sets this version apart from the others is the special studio atmosphere and friendly hosts. The user-friendly interface also allows you to easily place your bets, making the gameplay smooth and more dynamic.

Which Teen Patti App to Download?

Teen Patti Flush: 3 Patti Poke (Banyan)

Teen Patti Flush 3 Patti Poke (Banyan)

Teen Patti Flush allows you to play 3 Patti with millions of people around the world. You’re seated at a virtual table, following the traditional rules, and hoping your next hand is the winning one. What sets this one apart is that there are advanced features like Private and Friends tables for privacy.

Teen Patti Joy

This Teen Patti online cash game gives you a ₹41 sign-up bonus when you download the APK and join! Play your favourite game against millions of real players across the globe. Simply find the APK online and install it from the official site. You can also join the Telegram community for extra fun.

Teen Patti Master (Litatech)

Teen Patti Master is one of the best Teen Patti apps for experienced players, as it’s designed specifically for different skill levels. All you have to do is join the club game and you’ll be playing with people who have as much knowledge and experience as you do.

Teen Patti Gold: 3 Patti Rummy (Moonfrog)

Teen Patti Gold 3 Patti Rummy (Moonfrog)

This exciting Teen Patti real cash game lets you play with people all over the world. Aside from classic 3 Patti, you can enjoy Rummy, Andar Bahar, and other poker variations like Texas Hold’em. Teen Patti Gold online also offers an exclusive VIP experience with daily and weekly bonuses, as well as a diamond VIP frame around your profile.

Teen Patti Comfun Card Online (Comfun)

Try a Teen Patti game that offers multiple modes, including Mufils, Hukam, and Pot Blind. With so many variations to choose from, you and your friends will never get bored. On top of that, you’ll get to spin a wheel to win a bonus every single day.

Teen Patti Octro 3 Patti Rummy (Octro Inc.)

Teen Patti Octro 3 Patti Rummy (Octro Inc.)

The Teen Patti Octro 3 Patti game has over 50 million downloads and it’s easy to see why. There are multiple modes and variations, plus a daily bonus for all players. You can play with either other people online or your friends. For extra fun, we recommend trying the Chatai mode!

Royal Teen Patti (Tubbgames)

This Teen Patti online game allows you to play more than just Indian Poker. Andar Bahar, other Poker variants, Head Tail, and exciting 3 Patti variations are all ready and available. The graphics are the best part of this app, as they take the experience to a whole new level.

Teen Patti Dhani

Have some true Teen Patti fun with Teen Patti Dhani, you’ll have hours of fun. Win against millions of other players, get daily free chips, and choose the tables yourself. All of that, coupled with 3D graphics and iconic sound effects make this one of the most fun Teen Patti apps on the market. 

Teen Patti 3D (ZingPlay)

Play Teen Patti live with people all over the world on the most realistic 3D table there is. On top of the classic gameplay, there are various events you can join for more fun. Let’s not forget about the exciting mini-games that can bring big wins!

Teenpatti Ace Pro (AY Games)

Teenpatti Ace Pro (AY Games)

Enjoy plenty of Teen Patti modes, Rummy, and Poker variants with this excellent real Teen Patti online game. The best part about it is that you can also enter tournament mode and show your skills on a level like never before.

Online Casinos to Play Teen Patti Real Cash Games


Parimatch Casino is a real treat for poker lovers, as it has over 10 3 Patti tables and many other tables by Evolution Gaming. In addition, you can enjoy Andar Bahar, Hindi Roulette, and Hindi Blackjack. When you join, you’ll be able to claim 150% up to ₹1,05,000 for slots.

Though there’s currently no welcome offer for live casino and table games, Parimatch often runs short-term promotions that focus on these titles. Check back often to catch them in time.


Casino Days welcomes you with up to 200% up to ₹1,00,000 divided over your first three deposits! And with this new bonus, you can enjoy multiple Teen Patti and Andar Bahar live tables. If you peek into the casino section, you’ll also find video Jhandi Munda.

Glassi Casino

By joining Glass Casino, you can get a 125% up to ₹1,25,000 to use on slots. The best way to use this would be on the 3 Patti slot by Top Spin! The casino also offers deposit bonuses for live casino games, so you’ll have more to look forward to the longer you play.

As for the games, you’ll find over 10 Teen Patti tables here, including those by Super Nova, SA Gaming, and Playtech. Other poker variations are also available, as are Indian classics like Andar Bahar and Hindi Roulette.

Big Boost Casino

Big Boost is the home to multiple video and live version Teen Patti titles by various providers, including Evolution, BombayLive, TVBet, and OneTouch. Other live and video poker games are available in both the casino and live casino sections, as well as famous desi games like Andar Bahar. 

If you decide to join, you can get up to 200% up to ₹1,00,000 spread over your first three deposits. And the minimum you’ll need to deposit for this offer is only ₹500!

Big Boost Casino

At 4RaBet, you can play both video and live Teen Patti. Explore different versions from industry big names like Ezugi and Evolution! The fun doesn’t stop here, as 4RaBet gives you the option to play three and five-card poker variations too. Jhandi Munda and Andar Bahar can also be found in this casino’s extensive game library.

VIP Bonuses Right Here!

As one of the oldest and most popular games in India, Teen Patti has a lot of names— 3 Patti, Indian Poker, Flush, and Flash. Regardless of what you call it, the game is played under the same rules. Online games and tables in real life usually feature three to seven players, while online casino versions have just one player against the house. The goal of the game is to make the best possible hand with three cards, of course.

So far, this is pretty similar to Three Card Brag. However, the main difference between Teen Patti and other poker variations is that the former has its own hand ranking system. Instead of going for a Royal Flush, you’ll be aiming to make a Trio— three cards of the same value. Below are the rest of the rankings, from strongest to weakest:


  • Pure Sequence – Values in order, same suit
  • Normal Run – Different suits, same values
  • Colour – Same suit
  • Pair – Two cards of the same value
  • High Card – If there is no combo, then the card with the highest value in the hand wins


As you can see, there are only six hands you can form, making the game easy to learn. The game itself starts when each player places an ante bet. Then, you must choose if you want to play blind or seen. In other words, decide whether you want to be able to see your cards. If you do, place a bet double the ante. And if you don’t, simply match the ante bet.

After that, all players start betting or folding, going in a clockwise direction. Those who don’t have anything higher than a Four, Six, and Queen will look to fold, as they won’t be able to form a strong hand. This goes on until there are only two players left standing and then comes the “Show”. Both players reveal their hands, the one with the higher ranking being the winner. If only one player makes it to the Show stage, they automatically win.

Believe it or not, there are over 50 Teen Patti game variations. Some, like Auction and Muflis, are more commonly played offline, while you can find others on both apps and in online casinos. We’ll cover the most popular ones here, including if the rules differ from the ones we outlined above.

If you want to play with the Joker card, this variation is the perfect option. It allows you to use the Joker as a Wild card to complete any hand.

While this variation follows the same betting rules as the main game, the highest-ranking card is no longer a Trio. The best hand here contains a 2, 3, or 5. This is called the Trail or Trail set.

In this variation, any random card can be used as a Wild card to complete the hand.

Instead of trying to make a Trio, this variation asks you to make a hand closest to ‘999’. Another difference is that the value of the face cards (10, J, Q, K) is zero. ‘A’ is valued as one.

This version follows the same rules as ‘999’, but the goal is to make a hand closest to ‘555’. On top of that, you have the option to exchange one of your cards with one from the pack in the first two betting rounds.

Teen Patti FAQs

Teen Patti is a traditional Indian game that is played with three cards. It’s similar to Western poker, but the goal is to make the best hand with only three cards instead of five or seven.

Online casinos and apps in India allow you to play Teen Patti whenever you want. Both live and video versions exist, you can experience this wonderful game in multiple forms.

There are a number of casino sites and apps that allow you to play Teen Patti real cash games. Check out Glassi Casino or 4RaBet to find some thrilling titles!

This is one of the most popular and fun Teen Patti games. You can play it with players all over the world and even invite your friends from social media to join you. 

Teen Patti and 3 Patti are synonyms for the same game. You may also hear people call it Indian Flush, Indian Poker, and even Flush or Flash.

There are many online Teen Patti games that allow you to play with friends. Teen Patti Gold and Teen Patti Comfun are just two amazing options.

Currently, restrictions on playing Teen Patti online in India don’t exist. The most important thing is that the online casino you choose has a valid licence. That way, you can safely explore and have fun with Teen Patti.

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